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As we are now aware of the harmful effects and damage that the natural sun UV rays have upon the human skin, more and more people are opting for UV free sunless tanning. In just 10 minutes you can have a safe and beautiful tan, achieving the same results as 10 days in the sun, without the ageing effects.

The Tan

Spray tanning products contain various ingredients. They contain a guide colour to help the Technician apply the tan evenly; this is only an indication of how the spray tan will look, as the tan is developing underneath. The guide colour will be washed off after a minimum of 8 hours when the tan is fully developed, and when you are able to shower or bathe.

How long will it last?

The spray tan can last between 5-7 days, depending on how well you prepare for the tan and how well you moisturise afterwards. The face and hands will be the first to fade, as you will wash these more often. A facial mist spray will top up the face, and can also be used on hands.