the incredible 30 minute workout for ladies


Rarely do we see something new in the tanning industry designed specifically to create a "buzzzz" until now that isas the New Alpha Cab will do exactly that!

The all NEW Alpha Cab 54 Tube stand up has a "VIBRO PLATE" as a base which you can control with your toes to tone the body whilst getting a golden tan.

Vibro training has become a popular way for people to tone up & lose weight at gyms throughout the USA & now in the UK, combining the tanning & Toning together for you

The benefits of Vibro training are many, the most appealing being the fact that you will notice how muscle is toned, fat reduced & best of all, cellulite improved.


The New Alpha Cab conforms with the recent EU declaration (0.3Wm2), the result of this however is that tanning times will increase, so imagine being able to have the
opportunity to work out while you tan!

Additionally, the new "Vibro System" increases blood flow & with more oxygen in the blood, the skin tans better, and you will feel energised.